More About the Kitchen Sink

It is only recently that homeowners have started using the bowl sink as a kitchen sink. The bowl kitchen sink can help showcase your unusual and special sense of style to the people who visit your home.

To be fair,More About the Kitchen Sink Articles just about any kitchen sink can be called a bowl kitchen sink. This is because many people think of a kitchen sink’s basin as the “kitchen sink bowl.” To avoid further confusion it is important to understand that, for the purposes of this article, the bowl kitchen sink refers to the type of sink that is shaped like a “real bowl” and looks like it could be used for cooking or displaying things if it was not attached to your plumbing system. What is extra fun is that, if you can locate one, there are designers and kitchen builders who have figured out how to fashion actual bowls into bowl kitchen sinks!

Important Side Note: Sometimes the bowl kitchen sink is referred to as the “vessel” kitchen sink. This is an important term to remember if you think you might be working with an interior designer. In the world of interior design, a “bowl” kitchen sink is insinkerator installers usually the “regular” kitchen sink that you are hoping to avoid!

Before you begin working with contractors and builders to install your kitchen sink you should be warned that, unlike traditional basin-based kitchen sinks, the bowl kitchen sink sits above your counter top. At the most, the bottom portion of the bowl is fitted into the countertop. Most of the kitchen sink bowl, however, sits on top of your counters. This means that you will have to modify your current kitchen counter to accommodate this sink. If you don’t do this, your bowl kitchen sink might be too awkward to use!

One of the best things about choosing a bowl kitchen sink for your home is the wide variety of sink materials that there are to choose from! Many people opt for the traditional stainless steel that is used for other types of kitchen sinks. Stainless steel is resistant to dings and scratches and it is easy to keep clean. If the look of a metal sinks is not your style you might opt for a kitchen sink bowl that is made out of ceramic or heavy plastic. Some people strike a balance and choose a bowl kitchen sink that is made from metal but painted with an enamel-based paint to look like it is made of ceramic or china.

The idea of using a bowl kitchen sink is relatively new and some designers and builders might need to be persuaded to explore this option for you. You might be told that bowl sinks are best left to the bathroom of your home. If you are looking for a beautiful and unique kitchen sink, stand your ground and start exploring your kitchen sink bowl options!