Why Your #1 Search Engine Ranking Isn’t Bringing You New Traffic.

You’re ecstatic! But a few days go by and traffic hasn’t increased. There are no more queries for your product or service and most importantly,Why Your #1 Search Engine Ranking Isn’t Bringing You New Traffic. Articles no increased revenue, no return on your investment of either time or money into your web site’s search engine optimization.

Why is this? Why is it that so many web sites out there reach top positioning on the search engines and yet still see no increase in traffic? There are several reasons for this.

First, you may not be targeting keywords that your potential customers are searching for. Get into the minds of your customers, figure out what terminology they are using while on Google or Yahoo! For example’s sake, let’s make up a fictitious service, an alternative headache healing method called “Ache-Away”.

It’s simply to easy to forget that your potential customers are individuals who have more than likely, not heard of your company or your service. A number one ranking for the term “Ache-Away” may not yield very much traffic because no one is searching for it.

It is more likely that phrases such as “how to get rid of a headache” or “headache remedy” are being searched for more often. This will bring you new traffic and a new clientele. You want to utilise simple, everyday language in your web site’s titles and each page’s content.

Remember that the language used in your industry is not necessarily the language used to refer to your industry by people outside of it. Do your keyword research. Tools such as Wordtracker.com will help you pinpoint the exact keywords that are searched for the most by your potential customers. Consumer language is key to making your number one ranking effective in bringing you more traffic and highly targeted traffic.

Another reason your number one ranking may not be bringing you any traffic is because the ranking is on a search engine that has very little of the search engine market. As is stands, Google, MSN and Yahoo! are the 3 main players.

Some industries have consumers who use one of these search engines 오피 순위 more than the others, as well.

For instance, a top ten ranking on Yahoo! for ‘search engine optimization’ may not bring in as much traffic as a top ten ranking for the same phrase on Google, because generally speaking, consumers looking for search engine optimization have a decent idea of what it is and know that a top ten ranking for such a competitive keyword on Google is quite impressive.

Basically, a large portion of people in the market for search engine optimization services will be looking for such services on Google. Alternatively, there are many industries who’s consumers predominantly use Yahoo! or MSN or even industry-specific directories.